About me

I have always been interested in how people work and what drives them, and I initially pursued this by diving into the world of psychology and cognitive neuroscience. Since then I have taken my curiosity into the world of product management, where understanding the users’ underlying motivations is, to put it mildly, useful.

My background in psychology has sadly not given me the ability to read minds, but it has given me knowledge of how they think. It has also given me a critical appreciation of different types of data and research methodologies. Concerning product development, I am a keen believer in the importance of identifying the key problems to solve, though I also enjoy collaborating on finding and building the best solutions to address them.

In my spare time I enjoy the usual things such as reading, cooking and exercising, and I am an avid podcast listener. (Many of my sentences begin with the words “I was listening to this podcast the other day and…”, to the potential detriment of the people around me.) Sporadically, I also go out swing or tango dancing.

Why this blog? I have always found writing a good exercise for developing my thoughts on different subjects. If I can share with and hear from others, then all the better! You can find my posts here.

If you want to get in touch, then drop me a line at seb [at] sebontheweb [dot] com.